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Kim & Kegis


"I've owned Kegis since 2004.  The year before I bought him I had a horrible fall from another horse that shattered my arm, and worse, shattered my confidence in riding. It took a girl's trip out west to a dude ranch riding ranch horses  and supportive friends and trainers, like Talie Schnoll, to convince me not to give up on a hobby that I loved.  I made a trip to Tennessee to see Kegis,  and after one ride on him, I knew he would be the best horse I would ever own.  Kegis came to me as a Dressage school master and has been such a great teacher over the past 11 years.  He's got such talent, but more importantly, he's got the best head on his shoulders and a laid back personality that's hard to find in talented horses.  He is the Dude and I love him dearly. The best gift I could give him for all his years of packing me around is to retire in the beautiful pastures at Paris Farms."






Sara & Zuri


"Peace of mind is a very valuable and important aspect of boarding my horse. Talie and her staff maintain such a high level of care for each indiviudal horse, that I never have to worry. I know my mare is provided the highest quality of feed, pasture, and facility. Paris Farms also offers training programs that are tailored to each individual rider and horse, creating an atmosphere condusive to growth and success.  Zuri is 6 years old and our plans are to sucessfully compete in lower levels of dressage at shows."

Heather & Sarge


"Sarge and I have been together Since August 2003. We have accomplished many titles that no one thought possible. We began evented for years before injuries stopped our jumping career but then we found Sarge really excelled in dressage. Sarge has proved that the appaloosa breed is amazing when trust and a bond between horse and rider is formed. Now that Sarge is 20 years old he is living his semi-retired life happily at Paris Farms. We love being able to be at the farm every day and enjoy each other’s company. Riding him 5 days a week is such a gift and I’m so thankful for the wonderful care that Sarge is given every day. I never have to worry about Sarge and his well-being while at Paris and that is priceless to me."

Sara & Forever West


"After years of training, boarding, and working at multiple facilities, I finally found my home away from home at Paris Farms! I was welcomed with open arms by Talie, other trainers, and boarders after my previous stable had been sold, and shut down. Originally, I arrived with my 10 year old Spanish Mustang gelding, Valegro; who was underweight, and out of proper work. After about 2 months on pasture board, and well rounded training, Valegro was back to his happy and healthy self. Once I began training with Talie's other horses, doing clinics, and working with higher level dressage horses, I began to realize dressage was where my true interest was. I have been riding for about 11 years, I've trained at several facilities, doing multiple disciplines, and I started riding dressage two years ago. All of the resources at Paris Farms have taught me more than I learned at any other facility, and have opened so many doors to huge opportunities. Recently, Talie and I traveled to North, and South Carolina in search of a new mount for me to take me to my goals, after making the realization that Valegro could not give me what I needed. Talie provided everything I needed before, during, and now after the trip, and found my new mount, Forever West. This summer, I will be showing lower level dressage, in hopes of receiving my USDF Bronze medal with Forever West, and Talie. Forever West is a 12 year old US Hanoverian gelding, who has background in jumping, and upper level dressage. I highly recommend Paris Farms for anyone's goals and disciplines."






Cathy & Gucci


"I started riding when I was eight years old on my 27-year-old Arabian that I showed western in the 4-H program. I was quickly hooked and soon after bought a quarter horse to barrel race with. We lived out in the country so I was lucky enough to keep the horses on our property. After college, marriage and children I purchased my first thoroughbred Hunter, Cover Girl, and fell in love with jumping. After several years of owning over five hunters, I finally came across an incredible horse with unbelievable talent and a spectacular mind to match. I have owned Gucci, A grey Oldenburg for over 11 years. I purchased him when he was just turning six from a trainer that imported him from Germany. We showed successfully on the A-hunter circuit for about six years. After awhile I tired of the hunter scene for many reasons and decided to try dressage. Gucci had the basic dressage training while in Germany but I knew absolutely nothing. With Talie's help and devotion we quickly entered the dressage show ring and our first year we qualified for regionals at Lamplight. I have never learned so much from a trainer (I have had over ten!) as I have from Talie. Gucci and I have become a real team thanks to her many weekly lessons & excellent teaching and riding skills. Not only is Talie the best trainer I have had by far, her barn offers superb care to all the horses and boarders. Rain or shine, the horses are turned out all day, with the herd or in individual paddocks if you prefer. Gucci has never been healthier or happier! I love the atmosphere at Paris farms too. We have a great group of riders and have a lot of fun while we are riding, showing or participating in a clinic. My goal is to get back in the show ring and successfully show Gucci at third level." 






Erin & Sky


"Talie makes this barn special, everything she teaches and trains makes not only good riders but good people. Owning Sky changed my life, I joke that at his age, 26 years old, I saved him by buying him but in all honesty he saved me. I owe everything to Talie and this barn. The atmosphere that Talie has created here is unlike any other. The sweetest boarders with a welcoming family complex."






Laura &  Lennox

"Congratulations on the purchase of your beautiful gray gelding.  Looking forward to many years of successful horsemenship and showing!"









Rosie &  Rayna

"Congratulations on the purchase of your beautiful new mare.  Looking forward to many years of successful horsemenship and showing!"









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